Magnetite Windows fit seamlessly and invisibly into historic structures.

Magnetite Windows have been used all over the country in Historical Buildings.
The reasons are simple:

windows solutions for historical buildings

Invisible : Historic building owners and caretakers pride themselves on keeping the historic look of the property. Since Magnetite Windows are installed on the inside of the window, they do not change the look of the window from the street. On the inside, the low-profile edging fits onto the exiting window stop or casing so that no one even knows they are installed. We wouldn’t get recommended by the Vieux Carre Commission or the Preservation Resource Center in New Orleans or the Texas Historical Commission if they thought we would damage the aesthetics of historic properties.

Removable:  The magnetic seal on our panels  and the lightweight acrylic glazing make them easily removable for cleaning, maintenance, or egress when installed on historic windows. In other words, we don’t change the way the windows operates.

Effective: Historic windows are not “energy efficient”. Single paned glass and windows that were made to be easily opened were fine 100 years ago. Today, windows need to do much more. By adding Magnetite panels these old windows become double paned with an acrylic surface on the room side to increase the R-Value, keeping the building occupants comfortable and a nearly airtight seal to stop air from leaking through the window.

Reversible: This is an important feature to historic building lovers. If necessary, every part of the Magnetite window system can be removed and the existing window restored to its original condition.

Installing Magnetite on historic windows solves almost all problems associated with old windows. The air infiltration is stopped, the glass is insulated without changing the look or function of the window at a fraction of the cost of the other alternatives.

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