Looking for energy savings? Install Magnetite Windows.

Ever wonder how you’re able to ride comfortably in an airplane? After all, when you’re that high up in the air, the temperatures are below freezing yet you remain comfortable in the cabin dressed in your ordinary clothing. You’re also sitting few feet from massive jet engines, but you’re able to carry on a conversation with the person sitting next you. All of this is possible through the power of optical grade acrylic windows.

While traditional glass windows let in noise and let out heating, acrylic windows offer 3-8 times more insulation. This is why you can insulate, weatherstrip, and caulk your entire house and still lose heat in winter and gain it during the summer.  However, Magnetite Windows  can reduce your energy bill by up to 40%.

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Magnetite Windows are a cost-effective way to create a better sleeping experience for your customers. Without the need for messy, time-consuming construction, Magnetite can quickly update your existing windows in order to keep the hustle and bustle of the city out of your customer’s room.

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Why Magnetite

Magnetite Windows won’t break or yellow. The powerful magnetic frame seals your window, eliminating outside dust, pollen, and air pollution as well as deadening sound by up to 70%. Magnetite windows leave your exterior untouched and are virtually invisible from the inside. Magnetite windows can be fitted to any size and shaped window.


Metal edging is installed first so that the magnets in the windows have something to attach to. The edging can be installed using a nail gun or screws. A divider is installed in the same place as the divider in the original window in order to allow access to the existing window.