Technical Details

  • Thermal Insulation

    The addition of our Magnetite Optical Grade Acrylic Windows can provide up to 115% better thermal resistance than a window with a single pane of glass.

    Glass---5 to 6 btu/hr/sq ft/°F, according to CRC Handbook of ChemistryAcrylic---0.7 to 1.7 btu/hr/sq ft/°F,according to Handbook of Plastics (indicates that acrylic is up to 8 times more thermally insulating than glass).

    U-value of .48 in combination with single pane window, as determined by John M. Yellott Laboratories, Arizona, in tests performed.

    Heat loss reduction of 412.5 btu/hr/ft sq (from 687.0 to 274.5) when applied to single pane window. As determined by Architectural Testing Inc., York, PA, in tests performed.

  • Shatter Resistance

    Our Magnetite Optical Grade Acrylic Windows are 17 times stronger than a single pane of glass.

    This means that they are virtually shatterproof.

  • Sound Control

    Our Magnetite retrofit double glazing can reduce noise by 70% through your existing window.

    Sound Transmission Class (STC rating) is used to measure the resistance to noise that will pass through a partition. The STC Rating can improve from 28 (Dual 1/8" glass panes with 3/8" air space) to 41 when Magnetite is added. The effective sound transmission reduction is over 70% (Particularly effective in 250-4000 Hz range) As determined by Acoustical Systems, Austin, TX NVLAP Lab Code# 100286-0, ASTM-E90 Test AS-TL2739.

  • UV control

    Ultraviolet light waves between 300 and 355 reduced by 99.1% when passing through acrylic sheet.

    UV light waves between 360 and 375 reduced by 66.2% (as determined by DSET Laboratories, Inc., Phoenix, in tests performed).

  • Air Infiltration

    Virtually all air infiltration is eliminated.

    A Magnetite window air infiltration is rated at less than .01 cfm/lineal foot crack space, compared to DOE standard for storm windows of 2.0. Tested with 25 mph wind equivalent at The Associated Laboratories , Dallas, using ASTM E-283 test method. Similar results at the John M. Yellott Laboratories.

Use and Care

  • Cleaning and Washing

    Magnetite glazing and frames may be cleaned with Magnetite Acrylic Cleaner or a mild detergent (3% in lukewarm water). Tar, grease, paint, etc. can be removed with Naptha Soap. Antistatic cleaning is also accomplished with the use of Magnetite Acrylic Cleaner. Rinse thoroughly. Blot drive with a clean, damp cloth or chamois. Paper towels should not be used to wash or dry windows. Also, it should be mentioned that typically available glass cleaners contain solvents that may distort or harm the acrylic. Magnetite Acrylic Cleaner can be purchased by calling: (800)624-8483

  • Surface Scratches, Abrasion, Ground in Dirt

    The most common types of damage to acrylic are surface scratches, abrasions, and dirt particles in acrylic surface. Although these conditions will not cause structure damage to the Magnetite window, they may detract from the appearance of the product. These conditions can be corrected. Shallow scratches and abrasions can be corrected with a good grade of hard automobile paste wax (not a cleaner/wax combination). The wax will fill in any minor surface scratches and will help maintain the beautiful luster of your Magnetite window. Apply the paste wax sparingly and buff lightly with a soft, clean cloth in a circular motion. If any large dirt particles are embedded in the plastic surface, they usually can be removed with a heating device (for example a portable hair dryer). This heating device should be capable of supplying hot air 300 to 400°F. Hold the nozzle of the heating unit one quarter inch away from the surface and apply heat with a circular motion until the area soft. Then remove the dirt particles. Take care not to overheat the acrylic. Upon cooling, the Magnetite window will return to its original shape. YouTube also has several instructional videos on how to remove scratches from acrylic.

  • Painting

    The framing material of magnetite can be painted to match the decor of the room. Spray or brush painting can be applied using an acrylic based lacquer paint that will harden quickly. Be sure that all parts are dry and free of dirt before painting. The surface of the magnet should not be painted. However the “L” metal may be painted if limited to two coats.

  • Storage

    Magnetite windows can be stored on the above window (when a divider has been provided to for 2 window sections). Magnetite windows can also be stored at any flat position, away from high temperatures, to prevent warp-age. Magnetite Windows may be stored vertically if properly supported. Proper care for your Magnetite windows will give you years of safe and energy efficient use.

STC Ratings

  • What is an STC Rating?

    STC stands for Sound Transmission Class.

    STC ratings are a standardized way to measure how much sound is stopped by a specific material.

    The STC rating is the average amount of noise stopped at 18 different frequencies, measured in decibels.

  • What is the STC Rating on my existing single pane windows?

    For single pane windows, the average STC Rating is 26. By comparison, the STC rating of a typical interior commercial wall (filled with R-13 Insulation), is 43.

  • Understanding the STC Scale:

    TC ratings are a logarithmic scale similar to the earthquake Richter Scale - Each number is exponentially higher than the one before. A 10 db increase in an STC rating is equivalent to a 50% decrease in noise.

    For example: A window with a single pane of glass has an STC rating of 26. A solid core door has an STC rating of 36. (A difference of 10 db) Which means the solid core door would reduce noise 50% better than the window.

  • Is 100% Noise Reduction Possible?

    Magnetite Windows cannot eliminate 100% of the noise, but sound can be reduced by 70%. In some cases less noise will be coming through the Magnetite Windows than the walls.

Architectural Details

Magnetite Windows can be mounted with a variety of configurations:

acrylic windows, magnetite

removable window inserts

acrylic glazing, insulating window inserts

interior windows, magnetite