Magnetite Windows will solve your noise and insulation problems.


Magnetite Magnetic Windows are a unique interior mounted insulating window that attaches and seals magnetically around the entire perimeter of the prime window.

These interior insulating windows provide far better noise insulation than single glazed windows. They also provide increased energy savings than standard single glazed windows by doubling the resistance to conductive heat loss and virtually eliminating air infiltration.

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You may not have heard of Magnetite Windows until now. Magnetite uses the same principle as your refrigerator door. The patented magnetic edging holds a clear sheet of optical grade acrylic (like an airplane) against a frame installed on the jamb of your window. They are practically invisible, yet keep out the wind and weather better than anything else on the market.

magnetic interior windows for energy savings

  • Magnetite Windows make your home more comfortable by eliminating drafts, reducing outside noise (up to 90% at some frequencies) and eliminating hot or cold spots
  • Because they are mounted on the inside of the home, they reduce the annoying icing and fogging on your window glass. They are easy to operate and the only maintenance you’ll ever need is cleaning
  • The patented magnetic seal stops dust and pollen from coming into your home, allowing you and your family to breath easier
  • Magnetite Windows materials are safer than glass and will not shatter, warp, or fade, which means you get a lifetime of use from this product
  • The acrylic glazing has special filters that stop harmful Ultraviolet Rays from damaging your draperies, carpet, and furniture
  • The magnetic design allows for fast removal in case of fire or emergency
  • Best of all, Magnetite windows can be made to fit any window. Round tops, ovals, trapezoids are no problem for Magnetite windows. Even huge windows can be covered with one (almost invisible) panel

Our trained professionals make installation quick and easy. Very little time is required to get you started saving money with your new window solution.


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