• Will Magnetite work with my window?

    YES! Magnetite windows are custom built for you. This means that they can fit any shape or style of window.

  • Can I still use my window?

    YES! Magnetite windows are fully operational and easy to use. It is as easy as opening your fridge door. Magnetite uses magnets, similar to those used in a fridge door, to hold them closed.

  • How do I clean my Magnetite windows?

    Cleaning is simple! Using a soft cloth or shamy the Magnetite panels can be easily cleaned with an acrylic cleaner or a mild detergent (3% in lukewarm water). You do not need to struggle to clean between the window panels. All your Magnetite panels are completely removable making cleaning easy. Looked after, your Magnetite windows will give you years of savings and comfort!

  • Why do you use acrylic instead of glass?

    Acrylic has much better insulation properties than glass. In fact, Magnetite's acrylic panels only let through 1/6 the heat of glass. Acrylic is stronger and safer than glass and it blocks out the suns harmful UV rays.

  • Does your acrylic yellow or craze?

    No! Magnetite uses only optical grade acrylic. This means that there is no polystyrene, which causes low cost plastic sheeting to change color in the sun. What you see through your window now is what you will see with your Magnetite window installed.

  • Is the acrylic safe to use?

    YES! Acrylic is 17 times stronger than glass and it will not shatter. Magnetite acrylic panels have a UV inhibitor built into them. This will stop the harmful UV rays from fading curtains or furniture and keep you safe.

  • How long will the magnetic seal last?

    The magnet has a 99-year life expectancy. With over 90% iron oxide it is able to with stand bangs and extreme temperature. In short, the magnet will last for the life of your home.

  • What does Magnetite look like after installation?

    Magnetite windows are unobtrusive. Magnetite's slim line framing and color range means that it blends into your existing window. Aside from the savings and comfort you will not even notice Magnetite windows are installed. Because the look of your existing window in maintained, Magnetite is approved by most body corporate and strata developments.

  • How do I use my window?

    Each Magnetite panel is completely removable because they are attached using magnets. We provide you with handles or suction cups, so you grip these and pull gently to break the seal and then lift the acrylic panel completely off the window.

  • What about my sliding door?

    Magnetite works with windows as well as larger glass panels such as sliding glass doors. The Magnetite panels magnetically attach to the parameter of your sliding glass door.

  • What kind of warranty do you offer?

    Magnetite comes with a limited 5 year warranty on all Residential Windows. They are guaranteed to be free of manufacture defects or workmanship.

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