Green Revival Project

December 6, 2016

green revival project, galveston tx

Green Revival Project was a project of the Galveston Historic Society.  After Hurricane Ike destroyed many of the buildings in town, Galveston Historic made its mission to preserve as many old buildings a possible.  One project took and old house that had fallen off it’s foundation and moved it across town to an abandoned lot across town.  The architect wanted to make a showplace for energy efficient products so they called Magnetite to solve the window problems.  Once the house was completed, infiltration tests were done and everyone (except Magnetite employees) was shocked at the results.  The results were so good that this project qualified for a Platinum Rating from the Green Building Council.  It is the oldest residence to ever get the Platinum rating and the people at Galveston Historic give Magnetite windows much of the credit for that award.

The Galveston Historic Society is very proud of this renovation. To learn more about the project go to:

green revival, galveston tx, historical building windows

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